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Scholarship info with downloadable and online applications

The mission of the Steward Ag Foundation is to honor the integrity of the California farm worker by providing scholarships for their children, allowing them to transform their lives by pursuing higher education.


Sponsored by The Steward Ag Foundation



The minimum eligibility requirements for all scholarships are as follows:

The Steward Ag Foundation has established a scholarship fund to benefit children of farm workers in California who plan to pursue higher education (college or trade school). The Steward Ag Foundation, with the help of generous sponsors and donors, will award scholarships in the summer after applications have been reviewed.


  • All applicants must be willing to participate in either a face to face in person interview or an online zoom style interview, with board members of the Steward Ag Foundation.
  • Applicants will be contacted before the end of May, after all application materials have been reviewed. Interviews will be scheduled during the first two weeks of June.
  • Foundation Board Members would also like to meet the parents (when possible) of the applicants at the end of the interview time.

Applicants must complete the Steward Ag Foundation Scholarship Application with all required information completed on or before the application deadline May 10th. Any applications that are either submitted online or mailed to the foundation PAST THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Applications with MISSING DOCUMENTATION  or unanswered questions WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

 Submit the following:

If submitting your application online, please send all supporting documents listed above via email to:

If submitting your application by mail, either send printed supporting documents by mail with your application OR send documents via email to:


Steward Ag Foundation


Steward Ag Foundation

P.O. Box 1046, Walnut Grove,
CA 95690

Applications MUST be submitted on or before May 10th


Sponsored by The Steward Ag Foundation

Please provide the following information for the 2024 Fall Term.




I hereby certify that all of the information provided in this application is true and correct. I further agree that if I withdraw from school or transfer schools during the term of this scholarship (if granted), that the unused balance is forfeitable to the Steward Ag Foundation and I shall notify them within 30 days.

I hereby understand that if chosen as a scholarship recipient, I must provide evidence of enrollment/registration at the post-secondary institution of my choice.

Should I receive a scholarship, I also give the Steward Ag Foundation permission to publish my name, photograph, resume and essay in public relations materials, press releases or publications produced or distributed.

Applicants Signature:____________________________________Date:____________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________Date:____________
Parent or legal guardian signature is required if the applicant is under 18 years of age at the time of application.

Be sure to send the following supporting documents to to make it complete:

  • 300-400 word essay on why you should be selected to receive this scholarship. Include challenges you've overcome and education and career goals. Word count must be included.
  • One page resume of your work, community service, educational and extracurricular activities.
  • One letter of recommendation to validate your character and work ethic. May be from a teacher, employer, coach, or volunteer organization.
  • Most recent official school or college transcript - copies are acceptable.
  • Proof of college acceptance letter or current student enrollment.
  • Copy of pay stub verifying your family member has been employed in agriculture during the past 12 months.